Athletes Are…

Examining the world of sports as well as the female and male athletes that contribute to its history has been an eye-opening experience. In the time that I have been working on Benched, I have come to realize that athletes are more than just athletes.

Athletes are pop cultural inspirations.

Athletes are political catalysts.

Athletes are brand ambassadors.

Athletes are role models.

Athletes are regular people.

My rhetorical purpose is to explore the word athlete, and to uncover the importance of athletes in our society. I believe that athletes are more than just physically-gifted  individuals; athletes galvanize change politically, socially, economically, and individually. Athletes entertain us, encourage us, and remind us that we are all capable of following our passions and achieving our goals.

I would like to propose that my New Media Project be a website that explores the term athlete. All to often, athletes are stereotyped characterized as beefy, egotistical, and unintelligent individuals. By creating this new site, I hope to demonstrate to others that athletes are so much more than the sports they play.

In this website, I will separate the word athlete into various subsections. As an introduction, I would like to uncover various definitions of the term, its origin, its synonyms, and its popularity over time. Furthermore, I plan on breaking down the term by looking at athletes as pop cultural inspirations, political catalysts, brand ambassadors, role models, and as regular people.

The New Media Project will incorporate information from various websites and scholarly resources as well as visuals from Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.


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